I've been told I have a lot of energy.


In 8th grade I was awarded the "Perpetual Motion Award." It wasn't an actual thing. They created it just for me. That energy and imagination is exactly what I bring to my creative work. 


It's why I love to run and play with kids on photo shoots. It's why I love the hectic pace of a wedding day. 


I’m the husband to an amazing and beautiful woman, the father of two kids who find ways to make me more proud of them every day, a lover of great Texas barbecue … and a man with a soul that yearns to create. I’m a complex person. I like to say I’m a human bag of cats.


I’m a photographer who loves to use my camera to capture beautiful images of God’s creations. I absolutely love capturing those tiny, fleeting moments in life when people drop their fake smile - the one that we’ve all had since our first kindergarten school photo (and still use in selfies) - and let their real personalities shine through. I love it when I can photograph a person in the way they want to be seen. I especially enjoy catching moments of joy and connection in families and kids. Those tiny moments will be the ones that you’ll look at 40 years from now and smile. And cry.


I’m a filmmaker. Whether its for a bride and groom on their wedding day or for a commercial client my mission is to tell a story, and I try to let that story unfold as naturally as possible. It turns out that life is pretty beautiful on its own when you just get out of the way and let it be. 


I’m an Art Director and graphic designer. I’ve created award-winning ad campaigns, logos and design projects for hundreds of clients across Texas and the United States.


I’m also a cartoonist. I created my first comic strip in 4th grade. I’m a former nationally-ranked college mascot. I feel most at home outdoors and I’m pretty sure I’m actually solar powered. I think in pictures. I’m a huge Superman fan. I play the drums. And did I mention I love barbecue?


But most importantly - I'm going to try my best to make your photos and video the most beautiful thing I've ever produced. 


I'm looking forward to meeting you.


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James Pharaon is an award-winning photographer and videographer specializing in families, kids and seniors. James' professional background is in advertising, art direction, graphic design and television production. 


James’ work has been published in Texas Highways magazine, Texas Land Magazine, JetSetters.com, REstyleSOURCE, Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, in Homes and Land magazines, Voyage Houston, InSite Magazine and in numerous advertisements in both print and television (including during the Super Bowl).


James lives in Brenham, Texas with his wife, Kristi, daughter, Kayci, and son, Noble.